Yoga Classes

All our yoga instructors are Qualified Yoga alliance trained professionals.

Using a fusion of Hatha Yoga along with strength and conditioning exercises  these unique classes suit a variety of individuals and groups e.g Gaa / Rugby players ,runners, golfers as well as for recreational exercisers and also highly beneficial for stress reduction.


Classes are focusing mainly on:

Increased flexibility ( classes can target specific areas if requested)

Core and back strength.

weight managment.

Stress reduction techniques (using breath work)  for mind and body.


Yoga had been proven to promote mental health as it increases blood flow and reduces stress hormones which can be harmful to the body and mind.

Yoga has also show positive results on overall productivity of the immune and nervous system.

Yoga increases bone and muscle strength as well as detoxing the internal organs .

Yoga benefits EVERYONE !

When the pupil is ready the teacher    appears”