Mindful living and yoga for schools

  1. We have designed a number of customised training programms to be facilitated  in  national and secondary schools .

Course Objectives:

To increase students concentration .

To promote a positive mental attitude within the class room.

To offer students the opportunity to learn techniques that will help raise their self esteem and overall mental and physical wellbeing.

The courses dates and times are designed to suit the needs of the specific school .

 Course Content:

Week one: understanding the mind / body connection

Week two:  yoga exercises at the desk . Breathing techniques and their benefits.

Week three:  mindful communication. Focusing on empowering students with effective communication skills.

Week four: mindful living. This is offering the student the chance to make mindfulness part of their everyday experience with a specific focus on nutrition. Offering tips on simple meals / snacks the student can make themselves. Along with how to make smart dietry choices when out with friends etc.